March 2020 | After importing a 3D BIM-model into this tool you can simulator camera’s. By doing this you can validate their camera views in a very intuitive manner. This can be used to prove requirements depending on the view of the camera. For example: all asphalt must be visible and the must be a certain amount of overlap.

The following has been designed:
  • Load a 3D BIM-model (pre-converted).
  • Load a Camera plan (Json).
  • Add/ Delete/ Move/ Rotate camera’s.
  • Add/ Delete and configure camera presets.
  • Generate a Photobook and screenshots based of the camera.
  • There are multiple views (camera, free fly, etc.)
  • There a different ways to measure according to the users need.
  • Weather, time and traffic can be simulated.
A prototype already set the basis for this project. I have used this prototype externally with a client. After which Soltegro decided to further expand the product. The prototype didn’t contain a GUI and had basic features. I took all requirements from the product owner and put in into UX/ UI documentation and made an interactive Adobe XD file. At this point together with the product owner managed the backlog and acted as SCRUM master (3 sprints of 2 weeks). Then I used the product in another external client assignment. Gathering feedback again I added this as bugs/ features or added to descriptions in the backlog. Then there were no immediate product assignments and I had room left in my agenda, I cooperated with the developer in picking up issues as support UE4 developer. At this point the SCRUM board got replaced with a KANBAN board.

Camera Assessor on:
Soltegro solution page
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Below the trailer.